Saturday, May 3, 2008

week of photo's by #1

What follows is some of the photo's that #1 has taken this week. Many got deleted by me but there are still quite a few to show!
We have many new lego creations. Which I'd describe in more detail but that was at the beginning of the week and I've already forgotten some of it.
Today we put some shaving cream on a couple cookie sheets. This was mainly for #3 as a fun way to practice writing letters. But we did let everyone have some fun playing in the shaving cream.
The older kids and I went swimming in the afternoon, James and #4 were suppose to join us but they ended up taking a long nap! Looking forward to improving everyones swimming skills this summer.
#2 is planning on having a tea party next Sunday. She picked out many craft projects to work on this next week so that we'll have proper decorations for a princess-like tea. We are thinking of making some cucumber sandwiches also. The kids have been talking in loud whispers about what kinds of treats they want to make for a mother's day surprise, so I'm not sure if we'll be making any other treats for the tea.

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