Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby it's Hot outside

Yeah, I'm sure you are all looking forward to summer. But just think of the sweltering August heat-are you really looking forward to that? We went to James' softball game today and the sweat was dripping down on us non players, I felt sorry for the poor guys playing! We've also been dealing with hazing conditions due to what Kilauea is putting out.
#4 has quite the fascination with toilets. He's not so much interested in using them to go potty these days. They are more useful for other things. For example to get that dishrag wet to wash the table with or to give your baby doll a bath. Bet you didn't know these things, not sure where he learned them either. So if you happen to be visiting I would ask that you please shut the bathroom door because I don't know what he'll come up with next!
You may be unaware that there has been a big debate on what flooring we want to use downstairs. Ok, so not so much a debate but indecision on what to do. When James was deployed I tore out the carpet in the boys room. It was in really bad shape and had to go so they've just had the lovely concrete floors underfoot since then. Concrete is fine, it's cool to touch which is great in this climate. We happen to have a few paint cans downstairs because we took the popcorn ceiling off and are in the process of painting them. The children got the idea to load up some paint cans in their big dump trucks and were driving them around the house. #3 threw a can and it exploded on the floor. It happened to be the concrete floor. So his floor is now half painted. This is the "in" thing now-think we should do the same for the other rooms? Maybe he was being a creative genius and not just a punk kid;)

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the O'Donovans said...

That's funny about the paint. We have some concrete floors right now that we're trying to decide what to do with--leaning toward tiles.