Sunday, April 20, 2008

Food and Fun

I made a couple new things this week that got a big thumbs up from the family. First was suppose to be a bacon and feta stuffed chicken breast. But the first chicken didn't butterfly that well so I just cut it up into small bit sized pieces. The next two chicken breast I managed to butterfly well but I went ahead and also cut them up into bit size pieces then drizzled a little oil and sprinkled some salt and pepper and basil and mixed it together. Then I crumbled up some turkey bacon and feta cheese on top and cooked in the oven. Very yummy!!
Now for the next item I have a real recipe for you to follow if you are the type who likes to follow a real plan. I made this bread, so good, especially with some apple butter on top!

#2 and #3, ready for bed last night

One of the new lamps in our home. We have a set of three, all different sizes.

Faster than the speed of's #4!

He loves putting on these boots and dancing and stomping on the wood floor. Grammy, maybe you could look for some in his size this summer-of course he probably won't be able to get those on himself!

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