Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wishing a Happy Anniversary to my inlaws today!!

It's been a busy week for us filled with doctors appointments and finishing details for me going away this weekend. Of course there was the LOST recap last night and the season premiere today!
#1 has been flying through his math, although tends to take awhile to anwser a math question out loud he'll finish his math sheet fast.
#2 has been doing well with phonics. She's been a bit crabby this week and actually had a nap yesterday so I wonder if she's been fighting something off.
#3 loves to find hidden things. Yesterday and today he has been going over this book. I think I will add some more like that to our collection. He likes to find and count the objects.
#4 has decided to be a very picky eater this week. There's been about one thing in each meal he has eaten. Hope he gets over that fast!

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