Sunday, January 27, 2008


Remember the days when you could actually sleep in on a weekend? It's just a vague memory in my mind....did it ever really happen or was it a dream? Today DH had to leave for work when it was still dark. The cat heard him getting ready and starting meowing letting us know it was time for her to come in the house. SHhhhhhhhh, you will wake the kiddos, kitty. So dh lets the cat in but neglects to feed her before he leaves. This insures that she goes to the kids rooms and wakes them up. Did I mention they have new doors but still have no door knobs so they don't actually shut? #2 knocks on my door and asks me 'can I let the cat out?' No dear she doesn't want out she wants fed. *bangs head* such a needy feline. Loud playing begins, baby wanders in stating his case of hunger too. Ok, if you insist the day will begin.
It was a nice lazy yet slightly productive day here. We cleaned out our extra room so dh can take the lovely popcorn ceiling off tomorrow. Why we started this project when we have others unfinished? He caught me in a weak moment. So the extra room is the guest room/toy room/piano room/kids library/bowflex storage(anyone need a bowflex??) A tiny yet efficient little space. We bagged up some toys that the kids no longer play with to donate. We also have some dress up clothes that my lucky niece is going to inherit;)
I've gone through our 'grown up books' trying to slim them down. Looks like only one is worth trying to sell on so guess the rest get to be donated too. We love books but as we have another move approaching gotta try to get rid of some weight so we don't go over our limit.
Yep, not a whole lot exciting out here. The ocean was beautiful today, a nice deep blue, I think we may have to go play at the beach tomorrow. Although #3 didn't eat supper today(and it was pizza night!) so we will have to see how he feels tomorrow.

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