Friday, September 21, 2007

Beach life

I wanted to let you know of our beach experience yesterday. The kids wanted to go to the rough/wavy beach. I dislike going here because it's not as tranquil as the lagoon we generally go to but I decided we hadn't gone in a while so we'd go let them play in the waves. The kids had a blast as expected. We had the beach to ourselves, so nice to feel like it's your beach! Our own private oasis. Now I had my contacts in and the water managed to misplace one. So keeping that in mind, as I was looking in the water I kept thinking I saw something so I'd stare and not see anything so just assumed it was the contact issue and a wild imagination(ok looking back I know I should have said something to James at this point in case it was something serious) I get out of the water to go play with the little kids in the sand. A few minutes later James and the big kids follow. Turns out he thinks he saw something in the water too. So we are staring out to sea to try to figure out what it is.....thoughts going through my mind: log, shark, dead body(hey told you I had a wild imagination) James thought a seal. Then we get a good look at it, it had come in close now, it is sea turtles! So we sat and watch them body surf right around where we had been. I was excited to see them so close although wished they'd come up on shore so I could get a good picture of them, maybe next time!

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