Tuesday, September 25, 2007

camping, birthdays, recovering-oh my!

We went camping with church Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time although as I'm still finishing up the laundry that this one over night created I'm not so sure I'll be quite as enthusiastic about the idea next time. As I unloaded the bags I realized that we brought a lot of sand home with us,joy more laundry than I thought!
But on the plus side of things we were right on the water. My room was to the left in the photo and the kids were right next to me although their room jetted out to the ocean a little more.

This is from my room Sunday morning. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

As per birthday tradition, the little boys and I blew up some balloons to go surprise the birthday girl. Well, they tried anyway;)

Here is our birthday girl! She was so funny, she came to me Saturday night saying mom the ocean is too loud I can't sleep. Then she ran in the room Sunday and said "mom, I forgot that the ocean was right here!"
Just a little side note, the room the bigger kids used was also the nursery during camp so all those toys stacked behind are not ours, no I didn't over pack like that!

part 2 will come later.

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