Thursday, September 20, 2007

We made butter over the weekend. I did take pictures but the camera was in the black and white setting so nothing really exciting about a black and white picture of butter! The kids had fun, each of the older three took turns shaking the container until, voila butter!
Sunday is a blurr, I remember picking James up from work and trying to make biscuits and gravy before church. Didn't quite have enough time to get the gravy just right but I think we will try to eat this a little more often because a. its yummy! and b. I'll be able to remember how to do it easier!
The kids made clay in science this week. J shaped his into a race car(which requires a lot of imagination!) and the I's made smile faces. J has painted his the others will paint today and then I will take pictures to share their creations.
I5 is turning 6 soon. She and I went out shopping yesterday. I think we have has started a tradition of doing birthday shopping with her every year. We have a lot of fun with it. The thing she really wanted was fingernail polish and she got a kit with nail polish and lip gloss. She is currently painting the younger brother's toes......hmm How do you think they'll look in pink and purple?

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