Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another Birthday

Birthday Morning, the children had put a banner up and had cards and balloons for me!

We spent part of the day at Missouri Botanical Gardens.  
ps Military friends, they have a really good discount when you visit.

I really wanted a picture with a waterfall, trying to sneak one in before people walked by didn't work out so well and remains the only picture taken of me on birthday :D

We decided to go to China for the day, got the robes and #2 dished out some stir fry for us.  They had camera's that made the kids go on the big screen-a big hit for my hams!

The only time I didn't hear "I'm hungry."  "My feet are tired." is when they ran around this maze playing hide and seek(the ran forever at the end of our time there!).  


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Janet said...

Looks like a really lovely birthday.