Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring time

     *Every week #4 asks if we are going to PR today.  Do you ever get the wrong name stuck in your head?
     The kids say together "It's not PR it's PE!"  I think at this point he just does it for the reaction!

*It's spring and #4 and #5 are always happily covered in mud!  I'm so glad they can once again spend time outside exploring but it would be nice if just one pair of shoes could remain mud free.

 The grass(and weeds!) are growing like crazy.  No time like the present to work on our yard work skills.  #3 was so excited that he could mow the lawn that he ran out and picked up all the sticks so he could be first!

 Doesn't like her brothers doing something without her.

 If you could mow the grass by sheer determination, #4 would have won.  He wants to mow the yard so badly but needs to be taller before he can be at the right angle to successfully complete that mission.

 This one thought he was running a race!
ps Do you see the van?  This is the boo boo side of the van. Over the years it has had: Some unknown car in a parking lot scratched and dented it.  Some known carport scratched it down the side(really, why insist that you park two cars in the carport if you can't get out of your car when the cars are parked?).  Then yesterday an embarrassed sister of mine reported she let the car met some concrete down the side.  Got a big, stylish band aid?

 This sweetie pie didn't get in on the grass cutting but he did find me some nifty bugs!

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