Saturday, October 29, 2011

A week in review

 These two are plotting.  They started getting measuring spoons and peelers out then decided they needed a recipe.  Who needs a cookbook, not these boys!  #4 grabbed a pen and paper and was "writing" down what they were deciding to make.

 My 3 older boys at the science center.

 Watching the cars below.

 Really intent on watching the cars below.

 #3 made a canoe for school.  Realized we were out of construction paper but had this very bright, unrealistic in color, printer paper so we made do;) 
 Hamming it up for his shot.  He wanted to make a butterfly.

 #3 made a plane and wrote a sweet note.  I like this shot but asked him if we could try again because he looked sad.

 Love his freckles and his beautiful eyes!

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