Monday, October 24, 2011

Favorties this week

You know those chain letters that always come around in email or on facebook these days?  With lists of things for you to fill in the blank of what you like?  Yep, only once in a blue moon have I filled those out and passed them on.  Figure if you really wanna know you should just ask me ;)  But thought I'd share 2 of my favorite things from this week(hmm, is it a blue moon?).
  One I've been  thinking about since I've moved here and started drying things outside.  In Hawaii we didn't have the area to dry outside, I had a really small space I'd dry diapers but nothing bigger than that.  But I have decided I really, really like it when I crawl into bed and the sheets have spent the day outside.  They smell sooooooo good! 
Then Saturday I made Orange Chicken.  A little secret around here is we love Panda Express.  Panda Express is not in the budget right now but I have this book called Family Feast for $75 a week by Mary Ostyn.(I give the book a thumbs up).  She has a recipe that she claimed was like Panda Express Orange Chicken.  We agree.  We will be adding this to our regular line up.  In fact we loved it so much that the little bit of leftovers I had disappeared before lunch the next day.  I warmed the pan up but when eating I discovered that some child(apparently it was the elusive "not me") picked off all the chicken, so I was left with veggies and rice in orange sauce(which was still yummy but had me laughing).  I will admit I didn't follow her recipe to a "T" as I had to sub an ingredient or two and maybe next time I'll actually measure so I can share:)

What are your favorite smells or tastes?  And yes these can change depending on your day, mood or memory!

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