Monday, June 27, 2011

June Birtdays

So sorry its been almost a month since I've been by! I blame the unsettledness of life. Still looking for someplace to rent and in the meantime staying with 2 sets of wonderful grandparents who have welcomed us into their homes.
Summer birthday season has started and I now have a 7 year old and 5 year old!! We celebrated first with a batman cake and then bug boy wanted star wars so we plopped some lego star wars on top of his cake and called it good. Everyone is getting bikes so we can try to enjoy family bike rides. The 7 year old finally 'got it' and can now ride without training wheels! Good job #3!
The 5 year old or #4, got a special treat and his cousin took him out to the movies for his birthday and he got to see the new Cars movie. That was really strange to have my bug boy gone to the movies!! He had a great time-Thanks for thinking of him Cuz!
I've decided #1 is my go to guy to take to concerts. We've been to two so far this summer and he really gets into it. The other older two are just like, why are we here?? Though they do get excited when they know a song but for the most part they'd rather just listen on the radio ;-)
I can see the end of the light for ball season. The kids have had a great time! Will work on getting some pictures up soon!

I will leave you with a song today. Blessings!


Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your 7 & 5 year olds. Bikes sound like the perfect gift for summer birthdays.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Janet! Enjoying the bike rides:)