Tuesday, May 17, 2011

week in review

`Mothers Day. Had a baby dedication for sweet baby boy. Though he didn't smell so sweet at the time! Nothing like filling a diaper right before you have to stand in front of everyone! Such a wiggly boy he was too, but with so many baby's being dedicated it did take a while. He has the distinction of being dedicate at the church his mother grew up in. We did this with the older two at our church in Maine with Pastor George. He had a lovely wife and I believe six children. My first real life introduction to homeschooling was there. Then the two middle boys were dedicated at our church in Hawaii,two different pastors and a lot of O'hanna! I pray that the pictures, letter etc from these events just add on to what they experience in daily life. That they know they are loved, thatthey have a family heritage that have the Lord in their lives and that they too chose to give there lives to Him.
~Ball season has started around here, with the older 3 being involved. Looks like we might be lucky if there is a day of the week someone doesn't have practice! #3 got to his first practice and then changed his mind about going-a hard time with change he has! But we were able to calm him down and he ended having a great time!

~This past Sunday we visited a new church in the town we are looking for something to rent. When we got inside #3 says "Is this an airport?" Silly boy! Yes, it is a huge church, but no airplanes around:) They all enjoyed there classes and would like to visit again. One thing is for sure, I will get a work out dropping/picking up kids in the different areas there!

~Accident prone #4 managed to cause a 'log' to fall on his hand. Sliced part of a (gag) wart off. Lots of blood and crying but all is well now. He had been playing on a freshly cut pine tree and was completely covered in tree sap. No, he was not suppose to be there but it was too resistible for him!
****edited to add****no sooner did I post this today and #4 came into the house with black hands and dripping blood. Well, he stayed away from the newly fallen trees; this time he hurt the other hand digging for worms! *sigh* he does keep things interesting :-)

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