Thursday, May 19, 2011

jelly bean flavor of the day

"Mom I smell a jelly bean!" said #3
"Oh you do? What flavor is it?" I ask(a little afraid of what the answer could be)
"It's coffee flavored!" said #3
"No, silly that's not a jelly bean, that is my coffee." I say
"No Mom, it isn't your coffee it is a jelly bean!" said #3 He was very insistent on the fact this didn't smell like my usual cup of coffee.
"Hmm, well I do have creamer in my coffee this time. I guess you think coffee flavored jelly beans taste like hazelnut coffee smells!" I said

ps I got the creamer for free for being a vocal point member. If you haven't signed up with them you should-it's always fun to try free things! The creamer was very yummy! A nice little treat at the end of the day for me:)

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