Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Part 2

What a beautiful, sunny day. As per our tradition out here we have to spend some time at the beach!
We had some swim play.
Played with the sunscreen bottles.
Told Grammy 'Merry Christmas!' and applied sunscreen. Gotta keep up on our multitasking skills!
And played a little football(or at least catch with the football).
A wonderful way to spend the day!

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Katri said...

Sorry about the comments. I switched over to Disqus so it doesn't show the previous comments. Here it is - Because it is t-shirt material, it doesn't fray, so I left the edges raw. I'm sure you could finish it if you wanted, I just wanted it easy. :)I used a stretch stitch for this (and every other knit project) but I've heard a straight stitch would work fine. I was just being careful. I did just sew up the middle of the strips, but when I washed it, they folded in on each other so I'll have to iron it every time. Not that that is a problem:) Hope that helped! email me if you have additional questions. katri(dot)hakes(at)gmail(dot)com