Thursday, December 30, 2010

end of the day or part 3

We went to a friend's home for Christmas dinner. While there #5 spotted these lovely Lightening McQueen slippers and did not easily let them go. He has a love for shoes these days and car shoes are apparently even better!
You can see #3 and part of a blue object. That is a blue tub and all the kiddos took turns playing in and rolling around in it. It is usually used to hold toys in that house but if you are looking for a good gift for children 6 and under I would say a large tub would be a big hit!

As soon as we arrived #2 very happily took over baby care for a bit. She was quite smitten with baby L!

Thanks for having us over! It was good to see you again:)

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Janet said...

Looks like a truly beautiful day! Prayers for a joy-filled and blessed 2011!