Monday, November 8, 2010

This and That


#3 comes up to me. "Mom my tooth is really loose. I didn't pull on #4 pants(with my mouth) to make my tooth loose."
Hmm, won't of guessed that's how it got looser if you hadn't mentioned it. LOL

*updated to add-he pulled said tooth out at nap time and has written a huge note to remind me his tooth is on the counter tonight.

I am going to a conference this week. So excited! It's for PWOCI, click on the link and you can find out who the keynote speaker is and a bit more. Last week we signed up for some workshops and I do know I got into one that was a first choice. Received an email today telling the name of the song we'd be learning. Guesses on what I'll be doing? Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Yes, I am going to a dance class. The name of the class is Worship Our King Through Dance. I really enjoy the Praise & Worship Hula out here and thought it'd be fun to see how others worship through dance too. Name of the song we'll be learning is The Motions by Matthew West.

Oh fashion guru I am not. I also live in sandals out here. Don't even have any tennis shoes since my last pair bit the dust. So here I am going to the cold mainland in slippers. A friend talked me into getting some boots. So I went out got some awesome black boots with heels that zip of the side.....
Well tried them on today with a long blue jean skirt and just wasn't feeling it. Called my daughter in to see what she thought and she didn't like the look either.
So ladies I will need your help this week. Not sure if the look is just off or it's just me not use to the look on myself;) I'll play around with some other combinations as time permits...otherwise it'll just be me and my cold toesies this week!

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