Monday, November 1, 2010

Dancing for Him

or Hula no ke Akua

My oldest was on photo duty yesterday. It was a job he took on with relish; though I have to admit I was afraid he'd run the battery out before he got any shots of us dancing!

This one gives you an idea of some of the conditions of our surroundings. When we dance here we have people on all sides of us and some standing on hotel balconies to watch. It's really rather odd...

This was when we were running through "Salt and Light". It's always different to dance in the sand and bright sun, the balance is totally different. As you can tell by the expressions one of the guys that runs the service here was talking to us and totally distracting us! The actual performance went much smoother;)

The boy took several candid shots. It cracked me up to see what he took.
But seriously don't these haiku's make us look a bit like sheep dogs with the hidden eyes? :D Actually now that I look at it my head piece looks a little low in the back too :P

Dancing "I Can Sing of Your Love Forever"

The ladies and keiki of the halau who danced today.


Janet said...

Your oldest did a great job with the pictures. What a wonderful form of ministry. I'm sure it is both beautiful and moving to watch in person.

Shari said...

I miss dancing. I did that at our church in Hawaii. No so accepting of it here back in the East. lol

Jennifer said...

Thank you Janet. Wish you could see it.

Shari-How sad about it not being so accepted where you are. I know my teacher is asked to dance in IN when she visits.