Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's a nice day for a drive

Enjoying the nice countryside.

Mountain view with lots of light.

mountain view with grumpy old man. :p

Fun country drive!

*all pictures and driving were from last weekend*

Randomness from the house
Two boys got hair cuts this week. They asked to be bald. They were mistaken for twins at the store yesterday. #3 thinks he still has too much hair and asked me to cut some more. We will have to get pictures this week of the bald blondies.

#5 now has 5 teeth, yes he will be 9 months old on the 27th and looks like he may have 6 teeth by then. Some days we call him Sir Drools a lot.

#2 is very determined to buy an ipod. She is saving her money, the kids get $4 a month(when I remember!) but she has declared no more foolish spending-she has a goal in mind!
I wonder how it is that I teach my kids English when I write a sentence like that above. How many commas and dash marks and such are really legal?
Just got our testing scores back and they did well as usual. I find it rather ironic that the subjects that I feel we spend the least time in are the subjects they do best in. Maybe a lesson is to be learned here?

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