Tuesday, February 23, 2010

news from the homefront

Biggest news is Daddy's home!! Friday was a long day with the question 'Can we go get Dad now?' popping up constantly. Kinda like the kids asking 'are we there yet' as soon as you leave the driveway. But we made it through the day and he actually arrived an 1/2 hour early!!
Had a nice weekend getting reacquainted and a lovely Sunday afternoon at the beach. Ah, just going to the beach and soaking up the sun, the blue waves and white sand......soooooo relaxing.

Alas, the man had sad news about the computer...it is truly toast. Computer shopping is in the works.

Planning to do some baking with the little kids today. Have to work on keeping them fully engaged. Yesterday they were playing nicely downstairs, or so I thought. When I checked on them they had water in every play kitchen item that they could find. #4 and the carpet were soaked! Not sure if they were trying to have tea or create a water park;)

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