Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello from the land of no computer. Waiting on my computer man to come home and fix.
In the meantime I am happy that I have this niffty phone that I can play with.

Kids spent hours riding bikes with some friends yesterday-they were in heaven as we don't have bikes so it was a real treat for them.
#1 was the second child to loose a tooth in the 'great tooth race' of 2010.
Baby boy is almost sitting up by himself. *sob* They grow up in the blink of an eye!
P.S. I need to remember that when oldest sobs I don't want to do anything(and we are trying to get some school work done) this too shall pass before I know it.

Planted some new flowers in the garden so it is beautiful right now. Also talked with the neighbor and I think they are going to trim/tear out an annoying overgrown bush that is invading our space. That will be a blessing.

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