Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gems of the day

#2 said "today is the day between happiness" meaning we did something fun yesterday(pumpkins) and tomorrow she's looking forward to swim lessons:)

We were at our pool today and one of our neighbors came to swim. This is someone we hadn't met before and I'm guessing hasn't met many(any?) homeschoolers. She had this comment after joining us at the pool for awhile. 'Your kids are very talkative for being home schooled.' I must have smirked or laughed or something, I can't say anything when someone makes such a silly comment as that.....Actually I'm sure I did say that yes my children aren't shy, they will talk to anyone. A bit later she says "I guess that is a misconception about homeschoolers." I did agree with her there:)

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Naomi Rebecca said...

What a great quote. :)

Unfortunately we have a few shy ones in our family so we're furthering that misconception of quiet homeschoolers! :(