Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last night #3 came upstairs all 'spiked up' Apparently #2 was his stylist:) I happen to love it when they spike their hair. What hair product would help it stay like this during the day? He asked me to turn the fan off because it was making his hair fall down. I like the big man's hair all spiky too, it's kinda cute and adventuresome. For some reason he's not all over that style;)

This was where I found the older two when I was calling them in for lunch one day. They were actually much higher up, when they came in I told them they needed to find a tree that wasn't so near the sidewalk for my comfort;)

Our little guy is growing so much! He has been smiling and laughing so much in the last week or so! Tuesday night I came home from practice and James said he rolled over. I was hoping it was just a fluke but yesterday he did it several times too!
Here is a really short video of his giggles, battery ran out as I was filming.

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Deanna said...

Sounds like a great time had by all! As for the hair product: you'll want something called hair glue. Yes, glue. Don't worry, it's just an extra thick gel-type thing in a small jar rather than a big one. Joey likes his hair spiked from time to time as well.