Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Girl

From yesterday

Some kids might be disappointed to receive a pack of gum for their birthday. But not mine, it's a treat around here and she's having fun blowing the bubbles....I'm trying my best to ignore the gum smacking......

Happy 8 years!

She picked out a fun-fetti cake with Strawberry Icing and Black Raspberry Chocolate Ice Cream-lots of pink!

Today she had a pool date with a friend-I forgot to take pictures! It was a crazy kind of day and I was just enjoying talking to another adult, LOL! Yesterday, #2's bible study teacher brought cupcakes to class because #2 had been sad the week before that her dad was going to be gone for her birthday. She has such a thoughtful teacher, trying to help cheer her up! Daddy's home now, I think....he kinda crashed once he got home...we'll let you know once the jet lag is gone.


Dina said...

Happy birthday!!

Naomi Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! Love the pink cake!! :)