Monday, May 25, 2009

Thai Tacos

Just thought I'd share a recipe since I haven't been around in awhile. We tried this tonight.

I think I found it through Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

It received a thumbs up from me. Kids ate about half the taco and then declared it too hot. I think they needed a few cups of water to eat it all. So next time I think I'll put in a little less pepper flakes in for them and a little more coleslaw mix for me. As it is I have enough leftovers for this week and the freezer since I don't think they'll be up to trying it again so soon. I think some cool watermelon would be a good compliment to the tacos!

A few pictures from Saturday. Went to the park to play, had the kids walk around the path with me once. Not sure it was much exercise for me as we had to stop every few feet to pick up different kinds of seeds but at least it was some movement. It was a hot day, summer is definitely here! But we did find there was some breeze at the park so if you didn't mind breathing in dirt it was kinda ok, lol! It's very yellow and dry around these parts.

Baby is 30 weeks along.


Kirsty said...

Wow! 30 weeks already. How exciting!!

Dina said...

Cute pictures of the children!!
Do you manage to go for a walk every day in the heat??

I am in my 26th week now and need some movement too. The heat is on here on our island too and so it is not easy to just go for a walk, unless I go very early in the morning or late after 9p.m. in the evening. Swimming will have to do the trick but then the water is still a little too cold even though the kids don't seem to feel the same. I have been washing some of the new born baby grows and too can't wait to meet the baby growing inside me. It's such a wonderful experience.

Jenna said...

So glad that you tried the thai tacos, yes they can be a little hot, especially for kids. Glad you liked them despite them being a little spicy.
congrats on your pregnancy, you look great!

Jennifer said...

Jenna-Thanks for sharing the recipe! and thank you for your comment-almost didn't post that picture but know mom likes to see me;)

Dina-I'll email you.

Kirsty- Yes, feel like pregnancy is sailing along now:)