Monday, May 11, 2009

The cutest thing

Well, maybe not the cutest but it was exciting to get in the mail. So small, I had to double check the size as I can't imagine something fitting the diaper. Makes me all excited to meet this child growing inside me!

The kids met a clown and were each given a balloon animal. #3 and his parrot, it had been perched up on his shoulder but he took it off to buckle up and mama couldn't figure out how it had stayed their so perfectly before

#2 and her swan.

#4 and his rabbit.

#1 had a sword but it popped before pictures were taken.

I went to a ladies retreat a couple weekends ago. Pam Farrel was the guest speaker. It was a lovely time if you take away the fact that I can't sit comfortably for long periods of time;)
Saturday morning we had a sunrise bible time. Bagpipes on the beach-played to Amazing Grace.

Our Praise team, leading us in song.

#1 and his broken tooth. #2 in the background makes me laugh. A song had come on the radio that she had done hula too so she was doing the hand motions.

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