Monday, March 23, 2009

warm weather is coming

This year as given us a taste, a small taste, of real spring. Or at least spring as we remember it! You know what most of you have been going through the cold one day and warm the next. Of course our extremes are not so much but it makes me
look forward to summer! Well, except that I remember how HOT summer is,
yes one is never happy;) But I am looking forward to getting to the water more often.
Brief update on us:
*We have finished the second bath tub, it is installed and ready to go. So exciting to have a fully, functional second bath! Later this year we plan to update the vanity and probably the floor in the kids bath as well, so pictures will probably wait until then.
*James and #1 started working on a flower box for our courtyard today. Will be so excited to get some more things planted!
*#2 has an ultrasound scheduled for April 14th at 1pm. The last scan showed no mass, if this one also shows nothing then we won't have to scan her again! Please keep her in your prayers.
*We've had another bug going through the house. #2 was the first to get it(really what I do not want to hear from her is 'my stomach hurts'. Ironically this was on the day when the hospital called to reschedule her US, 2 weeks earlier than it had been) Of course she preceded to loose her breakfast and then was fine the rest of the day. Last night it was #3, same thing was fine all day today. So I have been stricter with not allowing anyone to drink/eat after each other and hand washing. No more sickies please.
We've not much to talk about, just enjoying the sunny days and working on attitudes:) Planning on doing stuff around the island, hiking, exploring etc.

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