Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunny days

Some pictures of our time outdoors today. In no particular order.

#4 ran to me to show me his new pet. A picture, blurry though it may be follows. He did not want to leave his new friend. I was afraid I was going to have to wrestle it away from him, in order to leave.

3 little black crabs. They found many different kinds. #1 brought one to me that looked like a shell with legs asking what it was. I reminded him of The hermit Crab a book by Eric Carle. As he was putting into his collection bucket he realized that he had two other crabs also, he had picked them up just thinking they were sea shells.

#4 watering the rocks.....because they aren't slippery enough!

Found by #2 with great excitement. Mom, mom it's moving in my hand!

#4 from a previous day.


Dina said...

Hi, I've come here already through Naomi Rebecca's blog. Great cute pictures of your children at the beach. Mine love the beach and the beach time and they can't wait to spend everyday of our summer down at the beach. Come visit my blog if you like. I understand you are pregnant too :)!! I am 17 weeks today and like to read of others who are having babies. God bless.

Janet said...

Looks like a really fun day outdoors.