Thursday, January 29, 2009


#2 has taken an interest in sewing. We got the children some books from Keepers of the Faith at Christmas. They have projects and activities in them which I thought would be a great balance to their learning. So we started working on sewing this week. She has learned to thread and knot the needle and is working on her running stitch. Has been doing great and is eager to learn more. I've been able to catch up on some mending that has piled up as she practiced so it's been good for me too!

#4 has decided that he likes going to bible study after all. He ran in yesterday and had disappeared before I had even wrote out his name tag. So now we just have #3 who is slightly unsure about the whole thing. I should be in #3's class next week helping out so it will be interesting to see him in class. I know he likes class but never has liked the actual leaving me part. He does that at home too though, generally a little sad when I leave giving me a million kisses first. He is also very sweet with the baby. He always kisses the baby(belly) goodnight when he kisses me goodnight. Sometimes randomly throughout the day also. Love the kisses!

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