Monday, January 19, 2009

life, silliness and the ugly

It's been a strange week around here. I was all prepared to lose power again due to a huge storm we were suppose to have. They even closed schools and city/state offices on Friday day yet all was for not. Yes the North Shore did get huge waves and the beaches were rightly closed yet the storm and 40-60mph winds never did appear. I suppose that was for the best although I must admit it was slightly disappointing.
We had a big chill Saturday and Sunday. It was almost see your breathe when you wake up cold. I talked to several people Sunday and we all agreed that it made us snuggle under our blankets much longer because no one wanted to get up in the cold! Suppose to get a another cold spell Wednesday/Thursday. We have no heat and the bedrooms are on the lower level which is usually a good thing but when it gets unusually cold for us I wish for warmer pj's and am thankful that I don't have to deal with cold mornings very often!
The children seem to have taking the cooler mornings in stride. They woke up Saturday and were ice skating in the hallway. We have tile in the hallway downstairs so they slipped on some socks and warmer clothing and were skating along. Now the funnier thing was tile is rather cold so they didn't just put on one pair of socks but several pairs so the cold tile won't easily go through the sock!

Onto more serious of matters. I'd love to hear what to do with a child who steals.
Stores do nothing at this point, we take the child to return and pay and apologize and would love the store to scare her and treat it more seriously but so far this hasn't happened. We've had many talks doesn't get through punishment of paying for the items or working to pay for it doesn't help. I'm at the point I don't want to take her anywhere because she can't be trusted. We do have a neighbor who is a police officer and mentioned to her that we might be having a talk with him. Just at a slight loss in how to get through to her, she seems to understand this is a serious issue yet it keeps happening.

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Naomi Rebecca said...

That's an interesting issue about the stealing. We haven't had to deal with that yet.

I remember taking something once when I was six, and Dad brought me back to the store where I had to pay and apologize to the clerk. It was very embarrassing because I didn't really intentionally steal, just didn't realize it was still in my hand when we left. But it never happened again.

You'll have to update if you talk to the police officer and let us know if it worked. That must be frustrating to feel that kind of distrust.