Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Double Free Books!!

Who likes to get free books?? Usborne is once again offering Double Free Books go to www.good2read.com and start making your wish list! I know I'm working on mine:)
I've been thinking of our back to learning plans(although really learning never stops). We are going to stay with My Father's World. I just love how it's all put together yet easy to tweak if needed. I really love Math*U*See, I've been learning right along with #1 and he's only 8! #1 is really interested in learning to write in cursive so we are going with that and we're looking into Abeka for language arts for him.
So if you are looking for books to supplement your child's learning-now is a great time to be adding to your collection:D Be sure to check out the specials if you don't wish to get them free, at least you can get a discount!

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