Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My favorite savings for the day was:
*free cat food from Purina(4# bag)
*free chex mix plus 11 cents(this is my 5th free bag they all went into our emergency stock as it's not something we usually eat but occasionally snack on)
*yogurt-I got a pack of 6 for $.69 not a brand I usually get and it was hard to find a yogurt in that brand without corn syrup and other junk, just yogurt please.
*yogurt in 4 packs for $.45
*V8 juice-46oz for $.15

#3 was crying or whining the whole trip out today. I hope he's not trying to get sick. #2 has her follow up ultrasound tomorrow. I think I have childcare arranged for the others. She has the US and then 4 hours later we meet with the doctor to get the results. I fully expect the second appointment to be about 5 minutes with the doc just releasing us from her care.

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