Sunday, March 9, 2008


It's been awhile since you have heard from us. We have been dealing with a sick child. #2 had been complaining about her tummy hurting, we assumed that she caught another bug(February wasn't the best month health wise, kept catching colds). After it didn't go away like we thought it should we sought medical help. She under went many tests.....Tuesday night we were finally able to get an ultrasound of her belly which showed a 2 inch mass above her belly. She has laparoscopic surgery Wednesday. Turns out she had a big nasty infection going on, an unrachal cyst had burst. She is on antibiotics and still has a drain connected to her. Thursday she had a PICC put into her arm so now they are able to do blood draws and give her the IV fluids and antibiotics through that.
Her white blood cell count is coming down and we look to be in the hospital at least another couple days.
She's walking around some, and starting to eat a little, unhappy to be in the hospital, real unhappy with all the doctors and nurses. We played a couple games last night and she was pretty perky then.
James and I are doing ok, we've gotten some help with the boys and are doing our best to cope. It's so hard to see your child in the hospital, she's pretty sensitive to touch and hasn't dealt really well with all the needles and such, which just about breaks my heart.
Yesterday we had a little trouble with the central line, someone unhooked her the wrong way but it was fixed fairly easy. James left the hospital yesterday afternoon and got a flat tire on the way home. Definitely feel like we are being tested here. Thankfully we have a pretty good support system here and know we and #2 are being held up in prayer by many people.
Will update as I am able, we haven't been able to get online a the hospital.

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