Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good News

1. My mom is flying in this evening(both our families offered to come out and Saturday we decided we would take them up on the offer)
2. This is likely the last day of IV antibiotics for #2. They are going to give her oral antibiotics tomorrow and if all goes well she should be coming home Thursday!
The things we still aren't sure about is when they will take her central line out. They may do it after she does fine on the oral meds but they could keep it in until her checkup if the think she'll need it again. Also the surgeon has said he'd like to do another CT scan because the infection was so bad he couldn't see her ovary. When we went into surgery they had thought she had a tumor on the left ovary, so he wants to make sure everything else is normal.
#2 is doing better, she still has some pain but is eating more and we got her walking a little more yesterday.

Here she is blowing some bubbles. The nurse wanted her to do this so she'd take some deep breathes because she was only breathing with the top half of her body. She wasn't really interested in doing so but then little brother came to visit and who can resist him!

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