Friday, October 26, 2007


I've been enjoying watching the sun rise and shine on this tree in the mornings. One thing I really like about our home is it has these nice big trees around it. (one thing I don't like about our home is these nice big trees around it! Any given time of the year they are dropping something!) Ah, but on to the good, they provide shade, flowers, I love to hear the wind blowing through them. And to watch the sun glance off the branches as I'm watching the landscape wake up in the morning.

I & I made ink out of blueberries and quill pens last week.

We all watched The Nutcracker today. I was surprised that they enjoyed it so much. I didn't expect them to sit and watch it all. They did have a couple comments. They kept asking why didn't the people talk. I6 wanted to know why the guys had tights on...and she thought they looked funny in tights. It was a little different then the book we read and they noticed the differences.

I have a few photos to add but blogger isn't playing nice today. Hopefully all will be working tomorrow.

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