Saturday, October 6, 2007

ironic, isn't it

the night after I had a visit to the doctor, L and I get sick. Poor guy was the first to go's so hard to see such a little one get sick. He didn't want the sick bowl shoved in the face anymore than I wanted him to puke on the bed. The next day I thought he was getting better but that night he started again, as did I6 and J. Such a happy house this week. I thought I7 and dad may have missed it but it seems daddy isn't feeling well tonight-hopefully resting today will help him fight this bug! I'm still not feeling quite myself-I guess a few days of not eating so much will throw your body off balance.
I let the kids go to awana's tonight since they had been wrestling around and seemed pretty much themselves today. They had a great time, they are so excited to have their little vests and handbooks now. We did get some school stuff in this week, mostly just a little history reading and we made these tricorn hats. We've been talking about George Washington this week.

Now they have been calling them crowns, I guess tricorn hats just doesn't' sound as cool. The crowned me queen earlier, queen of what I"m not sure.
Christmas is getting nearer(gasp did she say christmas?!?)
If you are looking for that perfect gift for that hard to buy for person I must plug my friend Jera. I am so excited for them! Really it is the best idea, check out the link! It's cooler to see in person then have me stumble over words to explain.

and FYI cool is the word of the day!

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