Wednesday, October 3, 2007

40 minutes

that's how long it took me to find a parking spot at the hospital today....which caused me to be 15min late. I was lucky and they were still able to get me in. But wait, I get to do that again because I have to go back for blood work and to fill and new prescription. Oh joy I can't wait! I"m hoping it will work out that James will be able to drop me off and pick me up next time so I don't have to visit the parking insanity again. After 2+hours there I picked up the kids and we got groceries. They did great considering it was lunch time, or maybe it was the behave and you'll get to pick a special lunch today, nothing like a little behavior incentive. I6 and J requested cereal and milk. I7 a roast beef sandwich. L slept the whole time, the sling is so nice during times like these. Although at the same time it is hard to reach down in the deep carts to retrieve groceries while wearing a child. Got home just before 2 and had a enough time to enjoy our choice lunches and have a little school time before we had to hit the road to pick up daddy. Now I sit here wondering where the day went?
kid thoughts for the day: We have a nature notebook in which we get out once a week and the kids can draw something they see when we our outdoors. We were discussing how we can take these on our trip and as we drive through different states they can draw what they see since it may look different from home. I7 said yes, I can draw a desert because we will go through Texas. J says Oh, I want to see camels in the desert! Think we'll have any luck seeing camels by the US roadways?

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