Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ever feel like time was getting away from you. Many times this week I wanted to stop and post a little note yet never found a moment to do so. Now do you suppose I remember all those random thoughts? LOL If you do you are sadly mistaken;) It's taken me 2 hours to work on this post so far......dinner time called!
One day the kids were playing. First they were pretending J was sick and they were bringing him presents. Then they were all playing games to help him when he was 'sick' They had the magna doodle out and were playing the letter game(aka wheel of fortune) I was happy to see they were practicing spelling while I was dealing with a cranky baby! I just remembered after this the decided to pretend it was J's birthday. They were wrapping toys up in blankets and clothes for him to open. They invited me and L to the party and we got to all sit around and watch J open the gifts and help him as needed. Fun times!

We've been getting magazines in the mail, the kids love these. I do too! I was telling James that I wish we got these magazines in the mail when I was a kid.
Some of our favorites are: MindWare, museum tour, and magic cabin. The kids are earnestly making lists of things they like. Then they will mark out things and say well I really like those but instead of those you could get me this.;) Problem is I'd like most of what they pick too!

Here is a random picture from last weekend. We went to an airshow. Although I have no pictures of planes I did take this one. I7 was especially impressed by the size of this wheel!

Our cat is sick. We took her to the Vet to get her shots updated and when they were doing the routine exam they discovered that she had a pretty high fever. I thought she was napping a little more than usual yesterday but otherwise no displays of anything going on. So no shots today, they did a little bit of blood work and we are to go to an emergency vet tomorrow if her fever isn't down. Taking that temperature should be fun...she was not happy about having her temp taken twice today and then for the blood work they took 4cc's from her jugular....poor cat had a rough day!

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