Monday, September 3, 2007


We've sadly neglected our hikes since the youngest was born but we are determined to get back into it. Upon hearing that we were going on a hike today our 3year old asked if we could take a walk after the hike. Which caused me and his sister to smile, she tried to help him understand that a hike was like a long walk. He was still determined to walk afterwards, so we told him we'd see what he thought after we were done. It was a beautiful day here. We went to an old favorite up in Aiea Heights, was reminded again that it was a holiday-I don't think I've ever seen so many cars there! The trail was very muddy, we got sprinkled on and rained on but had a good time.
Here is daddy dragging J3-I mean helping him-through the mud. I wasn't sure if it was a good thing J had his old shoes on or if it would have been easier on him if he had the new shoes that had a better grip to them.

I have to say J did so well. About the last 20min he got tired and we had to encourage him to walk but considering it took us 4 hours today and he's not use to it he did awesome!

I & I lead the group for most of today. This picture cracks me up as I caught I7 with his tongue out:D

the landscape

These flowers were some of my favorites to see dot the hill sides. There were some purple ones with berries that I loved also. It was so lush and green(and muddy!) so different from the area we live.

As we were finishing the Hike J3 decided that he didn't want to take a walk afterwards(snicker) although I fully expect him to ask again before bedtime!

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