Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What a day!

Ok, really I know better...really I do but I couldn't help giving in to that urge You know the one that tells you to reorganize the living room. No, I don't mean just pick up and straighten up, I'm talking moving the furniture around in new formations. The kids just look at me like I'm crazy "what are you doing mom?" I do know that the furniture only fits in the space one way but I need to try to...maybe it will look better...and then there I am trying to move around a 41" plasma tv(and why we have a tv that size is another story!) So yes everything is moved around and it's not put together. Why are there so many wires and hookups on the TV? As I was unplugging I was thinking that it might be a good idea to have James make some kind of map for me so I could figure out that crazy maze. I have a couple wires that I know were plugged in but I have no clue where now! Won't he be excited when he comes home to find this new home waiting for him!

Nap time is so essential. Especially when you aren't sleeping good at night. So L1 had an early nap but I deemed it rest time for the rest of us. Generally J3 is the only other one that naps but we all have quiet time. So Little one decided to crawl over to his sisters room, they were quiet I had no problem with that. I was laying down with J3 feeling quite sleeping my self...starting to drift off when I5 says "Mom, L1 is going poopy" Great I think, I'll check on him in a minute and see if he's done. Now I'm not sure if I actually nodded off or not but next thing I know L1 is in my room banging the remote on the ground. I slowly remember I5 saying he was dirty so get up to change him, grab a new diaper and realize there is poo on his leg. yuck, look over to where he was and it's on the floor too double yuck. quickly wipe him down realized he needs a bath put him in the tub and clean the floor(for those safety Nazi's I didn't put water in just him to keep him out of the way for a minute and it was right next to me) get the floor and see the remote he was playing with, all over it and on the bath rug and scale. He must have had a great time! Oh, the joys motherhood can bring!!

Later the afternoon we had a little school project to work on. The kids got to be ship builders and made the nina, pinta, and santa maria

Here they are being wind to make the ships go from Spain to North America

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