Monday, August 27, 2007

catch up

We had our 3rd week of school last week. All went well. Wednesday we had the kick off to start our bible study this fall. The kids were so excited to start, I admit I was too. Looks like we will have another wonderful year with PWOC, such a great group of women-it's wonderful to be around those who love Christ.

I have some pictures to share from a busy weekend. First off we had the last game of soccer.
Here is I5 and I7 chasing the golden snitch as James called it.

A shot after the game, little brother had to get in too! J3 always told everyone that he did little soccer because at soccer practice and most games we'd play soccer with him behind the scenes.

The kids team won, 7-0. They did really good with team work on the last game, it was good to see! We had great coaches, thank you for your hard work coaches!

Next on the schedule was some water play at church. For VBS this year we had a water park theme. So this was about a month after VBS that we held a water play day to invite all the VBS children back.
It was a very humid weekend so it was the best timing to have some water fun!

L1 favorite part was playing in a car

Just one more picture to post, Sunday we had a baby dedication for L1. So here are most of us with Pastor David.

There is the quick version on what have we been up too. I think one of the best moments for me this weekend was having a date with my husband and coming home to a quiet house. Ahh, nothing so wonderful as coming home to a house with sleeping children! Now onto having breakfast and starting the new week.

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