Monday, August 5, 2013

Down on the Farm

Last week we attended Freezer Camp.  We being, me and the older 3.  Where being the Grandparents house.  What is Freezer Camp?  It's when you take the Roosters shown above and you make them freezer ready.

A great helper. 
 16 birds are now in freezers to make bellies full at a later date.  I think our initial jump into this type of thing went rather well.  We all think we can do it again and had some fun humorous moments throughout. 
After freezer camp we were able to pick peaches.  We started out on the ground.  Then grandpa helped the girl reach some higher ones.  Then a couple chairs helped do the trick but the choice peaches seemed out of reach....
go big or go home

Lots of yummy goodness!

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