Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break part one

 A time to get boring appointments in and a time to have fun!  We've been able to stay up later and watch a movie.....after we've sumo wrestled over course!  (notice I still have some 'plump' children, they thought it was hilarious!)

Then we got to cross the Mighty Mississippi and
 visited Cahokia Mounds with friends.  We will have to go back because I think we were so busy chatting that the significance of the place mostly escaped the kids:)

 Up we go, one kid way at the top and one not so close. He was too busy pointing out every bug he could find!

 The kids thought it was neat that we could see the Arch.

 Who knew we'd be able to meet Hawaii friends in the Midwest :)

Maybe not the most flattering of us with crazy wind hair and all but I thought it was funny as both our boys kept snapping away and we are giving them the look!

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