Saturday, August 18, 2012

We took a break

 Our bags are packed and we are ready to head out.  Windows down, wind blowing through our hair.  Radio up, singing along.  Excitement in the air for the adventures that await.

 Of course we didn't forget to bring along our legos!

 We got to take a picture with our favorite cone man along the way :)

Lake view from my uncles cabin.  Loved sitting on the deck watching the fog lift off the lake in the morning, birds chirping, squirrels dancing, thoughts whirling, cozy under my fuzzy blanket with my cup of coffee.  Ahhh breathe :-)

 My little fish were so happy to be in the water again.  We went from going to the beach/pool 2-3 times a week to going to the pool 2-3 times a year:(

 fun times!

Love this, my aloha retreat!

 Went to an aquarium and saw the doctor fish that take care of all dead skin, warts, blemishes etc

 Checked out The Landing, with the dancing fountain.

Spent the day at a beach, where the children spent lots of time swimming but also found lots of mud to play in too!
Was so sad to see how many ponds were dry now and the lake was very low as well.  We know how dry the summer has been but when you can visually see, wow!  Ironically the week we were gone it rained almost daily at our house!

Two boys happily at home in their trees again.

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Stacey said...

great pics and story...btw, you look great. yea it was far away, but I can tell. love you and your family!