Monday, August 6, 2012

and now he is 3

July 27th my baby turned 3!

 The serious chef

 He asked for a watermelon cake and Granny found this fun jello mold just for him!

 I couldn't resist the aloha shirt!

Do you see what's in  his pocket?  He was so excited he caught it but it was his sister's idea to put it in his pocket:)


Stacey said...

your kiddos are brave...I caught a frog and tried to put it into my girls hands and all they wanted to do was make it a cute home...boy wanted to see how far it jumped!

Jennifer said...

I always worry about the creatures they catch. They just want to carry them around in their hand all day. I have to make sure I release everything at night. So far no creatures have been harmed but ack it's a fine line sometimes!