Friday, February 3, 2012

One day in February

 Have you heard it's winter?  We've heard that but this isn't the kind of winter I remember growing up with.  We walked along the Meramac River one bright sunny day.  The kids couldn't believe how muddy it was, they were slightly disgusted.  I let them know that's how it is in these parts-no crystal clear water.  Darn the luck!  We talked awhile about what it'd be like to be a pioneer having to cross something like this.  Pioneers were some brave people!

 Playdough!  We've usually made our own and had maybe 3 different colors at a time.  We got a box of 36 colors for Christmas and the children are loving it!  Food seems to be the topic of choice although there have been a few cars too.  If you know my kids though, food is never far from their thoughts!

and yes, I am kinda over the playdough as it is becoming one with the carpet.  I have never understood the desire to put carpet under a dining room table.  If you have children I'm sure you understand.

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Janet said...

Playdoh is endless fun but can be such a mess.The house we lived in when Eden was born has carpet in the dining area. I ended up putting a vinyl table cloth under her side of the table to keep the carpet from being completely ruined. Beautiful kids. They are getting so big.