Sunday, December 4, 2011

#4 in the spot light

This picture was taken by a child when my camera was 'borrowed'.  I am always clued in on the fact that the camera was used when there are pictures of the wall or someones hand or a ton of close ups.  So glad we are in the digital age now and can easily delete!

On our way to church this morning #4 saw someone pulled over by the police and was excited that the police "scooted them over".

My sister took the kids to choir practice Saturday and said #4 refused to go on stage.  Today the older 2 had practice for 2 hours(in which me and the others had to busy ourselves on campus) and the Preschool choir had a little performance after that.  He stayed on stage!  He was quite the character!  Very interested in seeing himself on the big screen and head bonked the girl next to him.  I asked him later about the head butting.  He said, she was my friend and wanted me to.  I laughed about the was my friend part.  I'll see if they archive that video later, I know they do a live feed. 

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