Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rules for gift opening

I was informed today by #3 that we must wear our PJ's to open gifts.  Well, yes, this is something we usually do.  Open up a gift on Christmas Eve(Pajama's) and wear it that night to bed, open gifts in the morning before changing.  Easy, peasy, no?  I suppose a difference this year is that we live near family and we will be opening gifts at more than one house.  So I was told we had to wear our Pajamas to grandma's house(of course I don't think he calculated in the fact that by the time we are done with that it will in fact be bedtime again.  Nor did I mention we won't be going to the other grandparents house until the next day. But I suppose it would save on packing space if we just wore the same thing the whole visit!)  He insists that part of the fun is opening presents in Pajama's.
I'm thinking I'll have extra pj's clean this weekend so he can be known as pajama boy.
I also love knowing what parts of the day are special to him.

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