Saturday, February 12, 2011

Road Trip

No, road trip and living on an island is not an oxymoron. Grab your water, grab your snack and hop in the car and we'll see where we end up.
Highlights from the day:
*As soon as we got about half way to the north shore the skies turned gray and the rain drops started falling. We played with the rain today. Rain would fall down and we'd roll the windows up. Rain would stop and the windows would come down. Yes, it's kinda like the game you play with the sun. Sunglasses on; sun hides behind the cloud. Sunglasses off; sun is bright.
*Tried out the(a) shrimp shack today. Wasn't overly impressed. Plus only 2 of the 6 of us ate. Not sure what the aversion to shrimp was today I do occasionally make it at home and all partake.
*Saw some awesome surf.
*Admired some well made surfers. :P
*Kids counted 50 horses. It's fun to see the western wear out here!
*Saw many, many awesome waterfalls!! The best time to drive through the mountains, such a wonderful, beautiful site!!!
*Went through H-3 in downpour on one side. As we were nearing the end of the tunnel the kids said. " I can see the light at the end of the tunnel". Goofy kids!! But they thought it was pretty cool that it could rain on one side of the mountain and be dry on the other. No worries the gray skies did find us again before we got home.
*Enjoyed some yummy treats from Costco food court.
* Just danced our yummy treats off.

Road trips are fun! #3 was worried that we wouldn't have enough gas to finish our trip. Please note we filled the van up before we left. I assured him we hadn't been driving nearly long enough to use up a full tank of gas......but it seemed like ages to him! What a surprise he is in for when we really have space to drive!

Had the camera but upon trying to take the first picture discovered battery was dead. Am currently charging the battery so it will be ready for our next adventure!!

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Julie said...

I miss our road trips around the island! We only did it a few times, but all those remote places that you never travel are the most beautiful!